The Sketchbook Project

The beginning of a few pages, in progress.
The beginning of a few pages, in progress.

I am participating in the Sketchbook Project for 2013 and at first, I was a little stuck on what to do. Then, I got busy with other stuff, such as work, finding work, walking the dogs, and so on. Finally, I got some time to start on my little sketchbook, using, oh, I know – my Life in 140 Characters theme! For now, I have my pages in some sort of order, all numbered and what not, but I have a feeling it will become disorganized and out of order at some point, maybe pretty soon. Which is fantastic! The Sketchbook Project takes your completed book on tour, along with tens of thousands of other books, to libraries around the country or even the world — I think you can choose a tour for your book, but don’t quote me on that. I need to go back and look at the site. All I really know is that the beautiful sketchbooks go on tour and then after the tour, become a part of the permanent collection at the Brooklyn Library. It’s a neat idea and even though I’ve just started, it’s pretty fun and I come up with ideas as I go along. Spontaneity is the key to all kinds of cool things in art and in life! I’ll be showing my progress here as it moves along. So exciting, I know.

The website for the Sketchbook Project is – check it out. I really love the videos that show and talk about the process and what goes into making it all happen. Very inspiring!

The Sketchbook Project

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