A Peak Into My Sketchbook


My artist friends have the best Facebook posts. Terry is a man I met last year through another good artist friend from school. I think his main media is film and I also happen to think he has a great sense of humor as demonstrated by his ‘nativity’ scene he posted.

I like to call the sketch for this “Merry X-mas.”


Then there is my friend, Stéphanie from France, who I went to art school with down in Savannah, Georgia. We kept in touch for little while after graduation, when she moved to Paris and I came back to Missouri. Then, she disappeared for several years. Thanks to the miracle of Facebook, we are back in contact! I love hearing how she’s doing and chatting with her from time to time.

She ‘liked’ a photo of a tattooed woman that I found to be quite striking. The lines on her body integrate beautifully with the lines drawn into her skin. We ladies are warned not to get tattoos because they are permanent and when we get older, the tattoo will look less than desirable. Whatever! This woman is on the other side of middle age and she and her tattoos are pure beauty. She is a work of art and I had to draw her. In the near future, I plan to do a giant painting.

A Peak Into My Sketchbook

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