The Fall of Orion, 2012


This is a piece that also started Life in 140 Characters. It’s a precursor, I would say. A friend of mine posted a few photos of a buck he bagged on a hunting trip a few months ago. There was something about the downed deer that caught my imagination. It has symbolic meaning – more than just my buddy’s hunting photo. Out of curiosity, I looked to see if there was any symbolism to hunted deer, and came across the article “India and the Constellation Orion Myths,” by Paul Heckert. I found the story rather fascinating. It’s an ancient Hindu myth about Prajapati, which parallels the Greek myth of the constellation Orion, who fell in love with his daughter, the sky. In the Hindu myth, the sky, or Dawn, took the form of a doe. To capture his love, Orion becomes a stag to seduce her. The other gods weren’t happy with this relationship and they created a deity to shoot and kill the buck. So twisted and tragically romantic.

The Fall of Orion, 2012

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