More Sketchbook and Welcome 2013


The other evening, I did some drawing for my Sketchbook while watching several episodes of Freaks and Geeks. I love that show. But anyway, above is from a photo I found on social media. It is part of my Life in 140 Characters theme.


Following Foosball Guys, I drew Reindeer Girl. I am fascinated by the Reindeer People and have been reading about their culture, which, very sadly, is in danger of becoming extinct.

I happenstanced on this photo on Facebook and collected it for my ongoing series.

One of these days, I will make it back to the studio to do more paintings. Currently, though, I’ve taken on a freelance project that is totally kicking my butt, so I’ve really only had time to watch Freaks and Geeks and draw in my Sketchbook.

And, tonight is New Years Eve. We, (my handsome man and I) will celebrate finishing the major haul of my freelance project by enjoying the snow outside and drinking sparkly wine, maybe a bit of absinthe, and eating fun party foods I remember from my childhood, such as pizza rolls and such. Terrrible, but soooo bad it’s pretty good. It’s okay, just this one time. Happy New Year’s Eve to everyone out there! World Peace! May the new year be the best yet!

More Sketchbook and Welcome 2013

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