Last Call For Alcohol



Alright, then. I’m back. After a blog hiatus. But, it’s for a fairly good reason, as my life has gone through a major flip; a milestone type of thing. I go from Life in 140 Characters to something different. Just a little bit, to put it mildly. It is more personal and I’m going to try and blog about it, while keeping this my art blog. It’s just that it’s now coming from a different angle; a more specific, personal inspiration.

So, last I was here, I was making drawings and paintings and showing them. I had two shows on April First Fridays in the Crossroads in my town. And, on that First Fridays afternoon, I was on site, where I’m having a couple paintings on display. I am helping to hang and put some things together for the big mobile truck where a few other local artists are showing. I’m bending and stooping and jumping and climbing. Through this, I’m wondering why I feel so odd and so worn out by the end of the day. I didn’t attend my own little show here or at the other locale where I had some art showing. Long story short, for weeks prior, I’d been having moments of suspicion and moments of clarity, but always managed to set it aside into the denial category. I am about 5 months pregnant! I don’t find out for sure until a week later, though. I was in denial through the morning sickness and missed cycles, etc. I chalked it up to stress and middle age. I am forty four years old and pregnant? What are the odds? They are remote, supposedly, yet here I am!

Currently, I’m in the third portion of this milestone. I’ve been getting my prenatal visits taken care of and everything is going very well. My husband and I saw her on the black and white screen and she is a dream to us. A lovely dream that has come true – since the shock has worn off, of course. That’s another reason I’ve been on hiatus! I’m getting everything ready for a little one, which includes making art! I am a bit overwhelmed! My husband and I both are anxiously awaiting and preparing for a big arrival. We are going to be parents! Later in life, but we are up for it.

And so, to conclude, I want to end this dramatic blog revelation with a bit of humor. This is Part 1 of Episode 5 of Kids in the Hall’s Death Comes to Town. It’s almost 11 minutes long, and, oh, say around exactly the 4:47 minute mark, until exactly the 6:47 minute mark (only two minutes!) It is the humorousness of this that kept running through my mind after I ‘found out.’

Last Call For Alcohol

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