and so it begins, part 2

Last I left off, I announced to my blog that I was expecting a lil baby and that things were going well and that life made a humongous turn. Life has a way of doing that. Doing that a lot, lately. So after my announcement, I worked on growing a healthy baby girl and preparing for a stress-free birth. I have to admit, I was so nervous about having a baby – a happy surprise baby, but a surprise baby nonetheless. At my age, too. But, you know what? Despite all the hurdles, I had help and everything went swimmingly! From pregnancy, to giving birth, to being a new mama, things have just been fantastic. I thank everyone around me and pat myself on the back, as well. I was mostly afraid of the giving birth part, but at the same time, tried to envision and meditate on it, with success. The pain of labor was manageable and my girl came into the world in about seven hours! Full term, no complications whatsoever and I’m so glad it’s over and can look back on it and write about it with happiness and pride and a million other feelings that come with being a new mom. I am now raising a smart, strong, healthy, gorgeous baby girl… and trying to add my new identity of mother to my identity as artist, without either one overtaking the other. It is way easy to forget yourself, am I right, parents? Especially in the beginning. Especially for mom. Especially for me as a mom, who grew up Catholic, all too familiar with the guilt feelings that Catholics are good at, and on top of that, mamas. It’s all too easy, from my observations. But, let’s set that all aside and get on with it! Time to get to work! Be an artist AND a mama!

So, okay. I’m doing art, as in painting, and am embarking on the painting a day phenomenon. It’s a phenomenon to me, anyway and it’s a major challenge I’m giving myself. I’ve been painting every day for the past week. I’ve also been setting up and making preparations. Mostly I do this during baby nap time. That’s part of the deal.

My first creation for painting-a-day!
My first creation for painting-a-day!

I have been drawing and painting since I was three years old. I went to art school; the whole nine yards. It is in my blood. I come from an extended family of artists. There’s really no way to deny it. Now that I have my young one, I’m reminded of that even more. Heck, I suspect she may show artistic talent when she gets older. Speaking of, she’s waking up from her nap so let’s leave it here til next time!

and so it begins, part 2

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