Dogwood Flowers, day 4

My dogwood tree is in bloom now! I love my dogwood tree.
My dogwood tree is in bloom now! I love my dogwood tree.

Today’s painting is of a dogwood flower cutting. Did you know that dogwood flowers aren’t really flowers? Well, not like you may think. They are similar to the poinsettia, in that the little yellow thingies in the middle are the flowers. The “petals” are really leaves. Unlike the dogwood (or poinsettia), real flower heads have an odd number of petals that really are petals, so no need for parentheses around the word this time.

And that is my scientific report on dogwood flowers.

The inspiration for today’s piece comes from the dogwood tree in my front yard, which is looking very pretty nowadays, with the blooms and green teardrop leaves. Soon, the white leaves will fall to the ground, and in fall, the foliage will turn a gorgeous, deep shade of red. I love spring and fall in my town. I hate winter and am so glad it’s over, although when it snows, everything is so quiet and beautiful, but then it gets all grimy and icy and crappy again. Summer can be a real bitch, too what with the heat and crazy humidity, with nary a breeze for any kind of relief.

But, back to now. Spring. Springtime in KC is so sweet. Flowers and flowering trees and bushes everywhere, fresh air and bunny rabbits and birds and sunshine.

Dogwood Flowers, day 4

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