Propellers and Paper, day 5

Propellers from a maple tree are so neat. Enjoy!
Propellers from a maple tree are so neat. Enjoy!

Today’s painting is a tip of the hat to Duane Keiser, THE person that started the painting-a-day movement. One piece of his inspired me to make today’s painting. Mine are of ‘helicopters’, Keiser’s is of pistachios and it is rockin’. I’ve also been trying to keep certain things in mind as I do paintings a day, while my baby girl naps in the morning – keep cool, calm and relaxed, even when I am being a “Messy Marvin”, as I call my baby when she’s eating. I am so sloppy when I paint and end up with the stuff all over me and my brushes, but I digress. I’m also trying to keep in mind, that through staying relaxed, I can better reach my voice; my painting voice. I did pretty good today, although I believe I have a little way to go, trying to work through the rust and baby crying and cooing.

My other inspiration for painting the propellers, or helicopters, again have to do with trees at my home. Here is a “Vine” I made.

As I was walking in from a shopping trip, I heard the maple seeds moving in the breeze. They sounded like hundreds of little wooden chimes. I do love maple tree helicopters.

Propellers and Paper, day 5

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