Caged Bird Singing

Today's painting is dedicated to Maya Angelou.
Today’s painting is dedicated to Maya Angelou.


Different approach to painting today, in a few ways:

One: It was not during baby’s nap time, but after her nap, play and bath. I sat her in her chair, painted and played with her, both at the same time. Well, at least at first. Then I just let her cry herself to sleep. She didn’t love that I was not giving her my undivided attention, and that’s okay. She’s at the age where she needs to learn patience and that she isn’t the only cute baby girl in the world (smile.) It wasn’t forever, as I painted it pretty quickly.

No one loves me, so I'll just go to sleep.
Forget you, Mommy. I’ll just have a fussy nap.


Two: It is based on Maya Angelou’s passing, so it’s more of an illustration painting, rather than just a painting painting.

Three: It’s not in oil this time. This one is egg tempera, which I’ve used before, long ago in school. I like painting with egg temperas. I was starting it all out with oils, but then found hubby’s paints and used them instead. They are MY paints NOW! heeheeheee.

Rest in peace, Ms. Angelou. I know your soul is soaring now.

Caged Bird Singing

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