Formerly Life in 140 Characters, where I drew and painted subjects inspired by social media outlets, I have changed my blog to Daily Painter Mama. Why? Well, basically, while working with the Life in 140 theme back in the winter of 2012, I was pregnant (unknowingly at first.) After confirming to myself and all around me that I was with child, I stopped with the blogging to prepare for my little one’s arrival. Then, little one arrived, and I still did not blog because, duh, I had a brand new baby. I thought about Li140C (Life in 140 Characters, heh) at times, but had written it off, let’s say. Now, my LO is eight months old, and I am now embarking on a new blog venture, where I will attempt to do a painting a day. Can I do it? Is it possible to paint every day, while caring for a baby? Sure, anything is possible, right? But how likely is it that an artist who is a new mother, can set aside a certain amount of time every day to make a little painting? Without pulling all her hair out? Let’s find out!


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