Gwen’s Lion

I wasn’t sure what to paint today. I took a few photos and decided on Jack, my Maine Coon kitty, who I think is very handsome. He is also Gwen’s Lion. He loves baby girl and it completely touches my heart. I’ve always been crazy about that cat, but ever since being pregnant and then ultimately having baby girl here, Jack the cat has been the most greatest cat ever and I’m even more crazy about him.

Jack the lion kitty at rest on a Thursday morning. It's hard work being such a fantastic cat.
Jack the lion kitty at rest on a Thursday morning. It’s hard work being such a fantastic cat.

Gwen’s Lion





From my Sketchbook Project sketchbook – Lonely Little Bird detail.






Got this image from an Instagram shot of an exhibit of dead animals in ‘natural’ positions and actions, encased in glass boxes. That’s why I like to call this one “Sealed.”

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The things we do to our dogs during the holiday season. I found the inspiration for this on Instagram. It’s part of my sketchbook for the Sketchbook Project 2013. It started out as a blind contour drawing, which can be detected in the background, and then I went over that with quill pen and ink and colored in the nose. Simple as that! I think it’s funny.


…another entry into my sketchbook for The Sketchbook Project. I came up with the idea to create some paper art upon waking up one morning. This sketchbook is my oyster and I’ll go ahead and create whatever my muse is at any given time.

More from the Sketchbook