Lawrence “Larry” McDoo, WWI Pigeon Spy

This is Larry, based on writer Andrea Scott's description of Dr. N's Pigeons.
This is Larry, based on writer Andrea Scott’s description of Dr. N’s Pigeons.














HitRECord is a collaborative web site for all those creatives out there. Check it out! It is the only entity of it’s kind, started by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Maybe you’ve seen Third Rock from the Sun. He’s the young fella in the show, only he’s all grown up and in his 30s now and has done several independent films. He came up with this huge idea where writers, artists, photographers and the list goes on, throw their hats in the ring on various collaborations for their television show. It’s so multi-layered I can’t even begin to describe it all in the few minutes I have right now. Just check out! It is fascinating!

For my little contribution, I made a visual for “Dr. N’s Pigeon Spies”

Lawrence “Larry” McDoo, WWI Pigeon Spy