Red Tibetan Prayer Flag

I am doing a series of wind horses which are on Tibetan prayer flags. I started with blue, then white. Today’s red flag is third in line and is my painting of the day.



Life in 140 Characters – so it begins


I’ve been goofing off with social media for the last couple years – tweeting, favoriting, liking, sharing funny videos and the social media list goes on. Before that, I had sworn I would never even start a Facebook account, but that’s where it began – being inspired by photos posted on my Facebook friends’ pages! I am fascinated by looking into the many windows to the souls of my Facebook friends. Some I know personally, and some I don’t, since they are either friends of friends or accounts of various businesses and personalities I am familiar with. There were two images that initally caught my interest in painting. One was a photo of two drag queens, so full of color and evocative of a lot of feelings, mostly fun and humor. Similar was the second image of a husband and wife couple dressed for a period party. The lady was in a puffy, Victorian style dress, with parisol and her hubby was in a Civil War military uniform. They were posing in their 1970s Rambler living room. I don’t know if I even have those images saved anywhere in my archives, but I do remember them and have been saving photos posted by me and other people around the world onto Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler and Instagram.

I probably won’t put all of them to canvas or board. Only my favorites. Such as this one, currently in progress. I’ve come up with a title before starting this piece. “Dainty.” My friend, from art school, who’s last name I am using as the title, posted a photo of her daughter trying on a bright blue pair of 5 inch heels at a certain department store. The image and title mean many things that I want to convey. The painting isn’t complete, but soon will be and my goal is to endear it to the viewer in the same way it has to me. I like this one, it’s fun and light hearted, while at the same time bringing back memories from when I was becoming, (GASP!) a woman! Not an easy feat, NO!